Saturday, 7 July 2012

Gyaru, discrimination and you?

Hi guys and gals, I've been a little absent I know. I have just been in a complete whirlwind of bills, housemoves and other shit that comes with being a fully fledged and independent adult. However I wanted to come back with something that actually provokes thought and insight rather than just some gets, you know what I mean? So here we go.

I live in a sleepy town nestled somewhere in the fields of Suffolk, England. Generally it's a nice, quiet and peaceful place with the odd small gang of kids who get slightly too big for their boots however I've found that these places gain slightly more attraction to discrimination than anywhere else I've lived in my life.

In the town I live in there are very few people of other races or ethnicities, everyone seems to be from Suffolk or the surrounding counties; in fact I often get laughed at for being Northern and having the corresponding accent so, as you can imagine, walking down the street dressed in Gyaru attire often attracts the wrong sort of attention.

You know what I find I get called the most when I'm walking down the street in my full Gyaru garb or in fact even for pictures on Facebook? Slut. Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut, Slut. It's a ridiculous word and a ridiculous term for someone who is merely wearing a short skirt or a revealing top. I hate the word as it is, I am completely against slut shamming, if a woman wants to sleep with as many men as she wants let her go ahead and do it as long as she practices safe sex of course (spreading disease and creating life with several random men is a completely different ball-game) but the fact that I get called a slut merely for the way I am dressed is absurd, especially considering I am in a very serious relationship, I have never cheated and will never cheat on my boyfriend and we live together and are planning a life together. I am to no extents or purposes a slut, if you must use that word at all. The mind boggles.

Obviously there are always people who come up to me and are completely amazed by what I'm wearing and how my hair is. I do get compliments, people will ask me how I've done my hair or about my false eyelashes (All my friends come to me before they go out to get me to do their lashes for them) and I've even had to add a girl to Facebook in order to help her order from DreamV as she was certain she was going to have my coat! These are the people who make it worth putting up with the comments from people in the street who are too close minded and ignorant to just accept those around them for who they are instead of trying to believe everyone should conform to one type of ideal. I've always been the type of person to believe in a live and let live way of thinking.

So, do you find you get these sorts of comments too? How does it effect you and your style? Do you find yourself dressing down in order to prevent these types of comments or do you hold your head up high and dress as you chose? How do you put up with these comments?

I have to say, I missed the community while I've been gone ^_^.