Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Finally feeling festive. A few early birthday pressies.

I feel totally spoilt at the moment. My parents came to bring up the little xmas tree they had because we were lacking anything festive in the new flat. They also brought me pressies! I'm keeping most of them to open tomorrow but there were a couple of things they wanted me to open while they were there as I wont see them on the actual day of my birthday. Meep.

Our xmas tree! Excuse the table carnage haha.

About half of my birthday pressies! I feel so spoilt this year. I have more pressies then I've had since I was a little'un, even on my 21st I didn't get this many haha.

These are the items I opened while my parents were here.

The throw and the pillows. The Pillows are actually for the bed but the duvet covers I asked for are still wrapped up for tomorrow so I've made them sofa cushions for now. I had to explain to my boyfriend that they were decorative pillows, not for sleeping on. He's like "What, just to look at? We're not even gonna give them to guests to sleep with?" I had to explain that you wouldn't give them a canvas print to sleep on so you wouldn't make them sleep on the pillows either! Men, eh? So ignorant to interior design haha.

He made it up to me by joining in the fun and giving me an early birthday pressie. He said he didn't know how he was going to be able to wrap it so he might as well give it me now haha.

Strawberry icecream lip balm! It actually smells delicious. I would eat it if I didn't know it was lip balm haha.

I've finally decided on the hair and makeup styles for tomorrow. I'm going to try and practice them today if I get the flat cleaned in time before my boyfriend comes home with his cousin. These are the pictures I'm getting inspiration from:



God I hope I can pull off the hair. I've done suji before so it should be ok. Meep. I'm kinda excited about tomorrow now. I don't know if I'll get chance to post but those of you who follow me on twitter might get a twitpic or two.

Monday, 19 December 2011

I'm officially an auntie!

OMG OMG OMG! I became an auntie to a gorgeous little boy yesterday morning at 2:30am. I'm so happy. What a fantastic birthday and Xmas pressie. I just cannot wait to meet him. I get to see him for the first time over xmas when we see my sister.

Isn't he just beautiful? Meep. I'm so not a baby-person but when it's part of your family it's different, you know? God I just want to cuddle him!

I need help with my birthday hair and make. This is the dress I'm going to be wearing:

I've been looking through inspirations for what to wear my hair and makeup like all morning. Still not 100% sure.

These are the make inspirations I've found whilst browsing tumblr.

I was thinking of using mainly golds on my eyes to match the gold buttons on the dress.

As for hair, I want to do some suji but I don't want to spend hours on it only to get angry that it doesn't look perfect and end up abandoning it as usually happens with my suji attempts haha. Anyway, these are the inspirations, there's a bit of suji in there but some simpler styles too.

Non-Suji Styles

Suji Styles.

Sorry for the mega spam post but I'm just brainstorming, you know? And it might be good to get your input too ^_^.

Lastly, I'll leave you with some food haha. My boyfriend made us dinner the other night and completed it with a little heart-shaped piece of fried toast. Isn't he lovely? Not doing my diet any favours though.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Quick make and outfit post.

I'm sorry for the lack of posts but we still don't have internet in our new flat. I'm having to use that BT FON network thing and it's no quicker then using WAP on my phone! Still, there's enough speed to let you guys know that I'm still alive!

The flat is really cute but I haven't managed to get pictures of it yet. We're in but it currently looks like my boyfriend's bedroom. There's all his tribal hippy shit everywhere and it looks really tacky haha. My parents are buying us some nice bits and bobs for the place for my birthday and xmas so I'll take pictures once I've managed to get the balance of male and female back in order! I can't wait to be able to decorate the place with our new things.

Also, it's my birthday coming up on the 22nd of this month. I will be 22 years old. My god, I feel like an old lady, especially compared to most of the young ladies in the Gyaru community! I should really be thinking about "graduating" haha. We're having a little get-together in the new flat. I need ideas for hair and make-up. I need to look gorgeous, or as close to gorgeous as possible, you know? Anyone have any suggestions?

Anyway, here are a few looks and such from the past few weeks. You know I'm really awful at remembering to actually take pictures. I need someone to remind me constantly haha.

THE POUFFE! If anyone was wondering about those hair pouffe things I bought from, I'm using them here. They are actually quite cool but it takes a little work getting them in.

Stupid glare, but wearing my new Princess Mimi lenses. I love them, they are much more comfortable then the Geo Nudy lenses I've been using previously. It's nice to have a change and have brown eyes!

The only outfit post I have! I'm a serious fail when it comes to getting my outfits documented haha. Please ignore the really ridiculous look on my face.

And lastly I leave you with...

Possibly the best Advent Calender in the world. There's a big window on my birthday so I might be getting a larger chocolate or some stickers which are even better because they don't ruin my diet haha.

I promise I'll get pics of my flat soon when it's less like a hippy den!