Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Getting ready for New Year.

So I'm already at my boyfriend's house ready for new years eve. I'm really looking forward to it. The thought of what to wear though pains me a little. I know most of you are thinking glitz and glam but I'm going to be spending my new years eve in a warehouse in London or a barn in Norfolk. I need mud-resistant clothes and WARMTH! How on earth am I going to do that and still pass as gyaru? We'll have to see what I come up with!
Also, my boyfriend was looking on here the other day and mentioned I have barely any pics of myself. Of course he hadn't noticed the Read More at the bottom of the posts. I hope everyone else has seen them!

Anyways, here are a few pics of me from the last few days.


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Xmas Everyone!

Merry Xmas everyone!

I can hardly believe it's here and already gone. It's as if we wait for a moment most of the year and it seems to fly by completely Photobucket.

I thought I'd show you all my pressies and my outfit etc. I hope you're all having a wonderful day Photobucket!

Friday, 24 December 2010

10 things about me unrelated to Gyaru.

I saw this post on Bones' blog and thought I'd join in too since she wanted to see other bloggers do it. I'm always curious as to the personalities of all you other gals. I'd love to know what's behind the make-up and big hair Photobucket.

I'm a trained seamstress. I know how to make high-end soft furinishings to a top standard. I worked in a soft furinishings factory for 6 months where I learnt the trade.

Thursday, 23 December 2010


There's some excellent festive cheer going about at the moment and therefore loads of different give-aways on the blogs out there.

Anyways, here are the ones I've opted in on:
I'm doing bones' giveaway
and of course
Mitsu's givaway over at universal doll.

Both are being very secretive about their items which I love. I love surprises! Check out these blogs now for more info and great gyaru tips and advice Photobucket

Birthdays and gifts!

I haven't taken many photos recently. The lead-up to my birthday was pretty hectic lol Photobucket. But I have pics of the gifts I recieved for my 21st birthday and my hair and make and co-ords for the day.
I did take a few of us all at the restraunt but OMG we'd been getting wrecked the entire day and there are NO pictures where at least one of us doesn't look completely weird Photobucket.

Anyways, on to the pics.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Hair tutorials and something personal.

I spent a load of time on Youtube today looking through hair tutorials and found a bunch of them Photobucket!

Obviously I'm not gonna be able to post them all here but I'll post a couple of my favourites and link you to the channels I thought were the most informational Photobucket. They are all in Japanese but I think you can get the gist of it by watching them Photobucket.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Order from China.

My order from my Chinese Wholesalers arrived today Photobucket!
Obviously I share every detail of my style experience on here so of course you're about to be bombarded by pics of them plus me in a new outfit Photobucket.


Thursday, 16 December 2010

My makeup techniques and new lashes.

I got a new set of eyelashes through today that I'd completely forgotten about even buying Photobucket so I decided that the best way to show them off would be to show you my make-up techniques.

I'm really quite nervous about this because I really hate my face without make-up on it so I hope you dont judge me too much.
I'd like to also say, before I begin, that I'm not saying "This is how to do Gyaru Makeup", this is just my technique. If you like it, then I'd love to see your attempt at it but dont forget that different face shapes and eye shapes will be better suited then others Photobucket.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Look what the postman brought me.

I decided to post all the things the postman has brought me over the past couple of days. I'm such an ebay fiend Photobucket! Our poor old postman always comes to the door struggling with my parcels haha Photobucket. Anyways, here are the things I've had over the last few days.

How to turn a plain old skirt into a cute princessy one.

I got through a bunch of new things when I'd got back from my boyfriend's house. One of which was a pretty plain white skirt I'd bought for a couple of quid from ebay. I decided it'd be a nice idea to simply customise it by adding a couple of black bows, one on each side of the skirt. I thought I'd post what I did for you guys in case it inspired you to do the same to one of your items.

I didn't take loads of pictures for this because I didn't think about posting it till after I started but here it is anyways.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Winter Warmers.

There has been an increadible ammount of snow here in the UK and I've been thinking it's about time I got myself wrapped up warm. I was thinking about the ways of keeping gal throughout the colder months without freezing to death. Here are some of the idea's I've come up with.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Dreaded first post - A Steal?

I have to be honest with you, I hate trying to decide what I should write in a first post. I guess I hate trying to explain myself and know that if you continue to read this blog you'll get to know me anyways! However, I've seen this Meme floating around other gal's blogs and thought it would probably be my best bet for the first post, so here it is.

Name: Holly, Cupcake, Coco, Milk, Milky, whatever.
Location: Norfolk, UK.
Occupation: Currently studying.
D.O.B: 22/12/1989.
Height: 5'3
First Discovery of Gyaru: Everyone remembers seeing pictures of Mamba and Ganguro when they first start researching Japanese Fashions. I became curious. The look was different, it was wild and I wanted to know more. After finding communities (Ricoche and the E_G Livejournal Comm) I found it had moved on a LOT since then but I also found that this was the style I'd been searching for. A style I loved and that fit my personality so well.
Favourite Gyaru styles: Agejo, Hime, Onee though they all inspire me. Some fit my existing wardrobe more then others Photobucket.

Top 5 Model Inspirations:
1. Satomin
2. Sakurina
3. Yumachi
4. Aina Tanaka
5. Okarie

Top 5 Non-Model Gyaru Inspirations:
1. MA*RS Shopstaff
2. Rikku
3. D.I.A. Shopstaff
4. Zerda
5. Sui-Princess

Top 3 Gyaru Magazines:
1. Ageha
2. Egg
3. Popteen

Top 6 Gyaru Brands:1. MA*RS
2. Gold's Infinity
3. Lipservice
4. Liz Lisa
5. D.I.A.
6. Tralala

3 Favourite Co-Ordinates this season:

7 Favourite Fashion Items you own (I'll update with pics when I'm back home):1. Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat.
2. Black bow-topped stockings
3. Black Lace Shorts.
4. Black and white Lace Top.
5. Knee-high leather boots
6. Leopard Print & Dimante belt.
7. Black & White bow Cardigan.

10 Gyaru Fashion Goals:
1. Loose weight.
2. Grow my hair.
3. Perfect my hair curling.
4. Perfect my Gyaru make-up techniques.
5. Learn to make good 3d nails.
6. Own a piece from all of my favourite brands.
7. Learn to accessorise properly to add that bit of extra "oomph" to an outfit.
8. Take more pictures of my co-ords and hair & make.
9. To be as inspirational as the gajin gyaru that inspire me.
10. To gain self confidence and be proud of my look.

5 Gyaru Achievements:
1. Gained enough self confidence to wear skirts and shorts (fair enough always with tights but w/e).
2. Learned to tease my hair correctly.
3. Got a haircut that suits me and that I like.
4. Learnt to apply self-tan correctly and guage the right shade for my skin.
5. Found a style that suits me and that I enjoy wearing.