Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Gig in the Park

I've taken a while to post this. I've been feeling a little weary about it as I look totally awful in all the pictures. The humidity was quite disgusting and my hair first went flat and then puffed out so I looked like I'd just rolled out of a hedge, but I like this blog to be a sort of insight into my life and since I had a lot of fun I thought I might as well post it, so please excuse my ridiculous look.

My outfit for the night. Please excuse the flat-hair. I love the action-shot of the hairdressers in the background!

The main stage. We didn't spend much time here but the Swedish girl band that played last were really great.

The dance stage where we obviously spent most of our time. They played some decent electro but some of it was far too cheesy for my liking.

A cute little "gypsy band" stage by the porta-loos (they obviously drew the short straw there). The band was actually really good and the lead singer was HOT if I do say so myself. If I were single...

Me and my boyfriend with our adoring fans! Please ignore the fatty-arm and my ridiculous face!

My boyfriend's friend got obsessed with my coat and spent the rest of the night in it! Strange man. Again, please ignore the red-eye!

That's all I have from Gig that aren't really awfully bad! I do have a couple of pics of my outfit and makeup from yesterday for you to redeem myself.

My outfit. I took it in my new floor-length mirror and it's done some weird warping thing! I actually am dumbfounded about how it's done that.

Hair and makeup. Please ignore the boob-age in the first pic!

I still can't wear my circle-lenses but I'm going to the opticians today to get my eyes checked and sort out whats happened to them. Hopefully it will clear things up and I'll be alright to wear them again in a few weeks.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Skincare regime.

I'm at my boyfriend's house at the moment so I dont really have fashion posts for you but I have been thinking about posting this for a while; my skincare regime.

We know make-up is a huge part of the Gyaru style however with your skin being constantly covered with all those products, you need a healthy skincare regime to make sure that you don't end up looking like you've got the plague.

Personally I use the Simple range as they have no colours or perfumes in them and are great for sensitive skin like mine. I would really recommend them.

My Morning routine:

I start the day using their moisturising face wash. This isn't exfoliating but my skin doesn't take well to exfoliating facial wash so I think this is the best thing I've tried. My face feels fresh and my pores feel tight after using it.

I follow that with their replenishing moisturiser. I love this stuff as it leaves my skin feeling soft and supple.

The only other thing I sometimes do is use a facewipe just to take off any left-over eye makeup that I didn't manage to get off the night before.

Night-time routine:

I swear by facewipes. They are cleansing, toning and moisturising in one go and take off even waterproof mascara and eyelash glue which a lot of wipes I find don't fit the bill. I know facewipes get a lot of criticism but I think they are fantastic, they are time saving and money saving replacing 3 products with one.

I do tend to still follow my make-up removal with the moisturiser in the evenings because I'm a bit of a moisturising addict.

There we go. That's my facial skincare regime. I'll post about how I keep my body-skin (^o^) in good condition soon. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Just a quick update about the job.

I'm back from the Salon and I have to say it went amazingly!

The owner said that she doesn't think I'll need to do the full 2 year course, she thinks I'll be fully qualified within 18months. She also says she wants me on the shop floor and building a client base by the end of my first year. She then broke it to me that she's buying another property that a friend of hers owns when it comes to the end of its lease in about 2 and a half years. She wants me to run the current premises with the help of the other stylist but she will be moving between the two so most of it would be single-handed, as long as all my training goes to plan. Can you believe that? I'm so happy you can't even understand what I'm feeling. Eeeeee!

Here, have some Uk Hip hop/Dubstep to make this entry lest texty texty.

(something rediculously sexy about Dirty Dyke...)

Nerves are ridiculous.

I'm so nervous right now! I have to go into the Salon to look over my loan forms and ask about starting part-time until my funding is secured. I'm so nervous about it because it's a huge thing. I've been out of work due to my illness for a year and a half now and the idea of going back is truly terrifying. Am I ready to go back? What if I'm not and I completely ruin the chance to chase my dreams? It's all swimming around my head. However I've been listening to Fliptrix all morning while curling my hair and that always calms me.

Anyway my friend's mum hasn't uploaded the pictures of us from Sunday but I managed to take a picture of my hair and makeup before we left.

Really bad Suji Mori going on there but everyone was giving me compliments on my hair all night. It wasn't as perfect as it should have been considering I spent about 3 hours on it!

I really am uninspired for outfits today but hopefully what I've come up with is ok

I have got a little diamond necklace on as well but it seems to be up around my neck here haha. I'm teeming this up with heeled "biker boots".

HERP DERP! My make-up and hair efforts for today. 

I need to get a decent camera considering the one on my old phone broke along with it and I'm currently running whatever standard thing is on my Xperia X8. Anyone have any recommendations for something around 80 pounds?