Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New Diamond Lashes!

This is just a quick post to show you the new lower lashes I got through the post this morning. I got them from ebay through a seller called Liemze.

I love the little touch of the handwritten note and it's on Rilakkuma paper which makes it all better (ฅ'ω'ฅ)♪! I love it when sellers include little things like that. It makes it more personal and I love the attention to detail.

Here's me wearing the lashes:

Sorry for the herpy-derpy (๏_๏:) (but when aren't my pictures herpy?) and I know my hair isn't made up but I'm not really going out anywhere, I just wanted to try out the lashes and my hair needs a break from all the heat styling.
I love them! They're really cute and the silly picture just doesn't do them justice. I absolutely love Diamond Lashes, they are definitely my favourite brand right now.

Lastly, here's a bonus picture (ha) of me fucking around in some image editing whatsit do-dad on teh interwebz. 

No lenses in as my eyes have been really tired recently. I was going out for a meal with friends and my boyfriend. It was yummy. I had pasta and a sundae (*^▽^)/☆*★. 

Now to start dieting and not eat out at yummy places anymore haha. Can anyone tell me which Jmags have exercises in them? I know Popteen and Ageha do and occasionally Egg has a feature but are there others with larger weightloss features in them?

Thanks (ฅ'ω'ฅ)♪

Friday, 13 January 2012

Merry xmas, Happy new year and all that jazz!

I know it's late but it's really hard to find the time to actually sit down and write a post. I've been doing so many things to the flat and xmas season is always busy in our family and my boyfriend's been having loads of time off. Which also means I've had barely any time to get dressed up. I've been having to run into town quickly when the electric runs out or something which leaves me pretty much no time to do my hair and make properly. I've been a normal woman for the past few weeks and I'm bored! I'm really bored. I need to bring more gyaru into my life again.

Anywho, when did I last post? Before my birthday? I think it's birthday outfit and hairmake time. Please excuse the herpy-derpy looks in these. I'd been up all night and was still pretty plastered when I took them haha, but what else are birthday's for?

OMG SO HERPY and my eyelash is falling off but yeah, you get the idea.

My dress and shoes. Excuse the blimp-arm.

Caaaaake. It was actually blood gorgeous. Our oven broke otherwise my boyfriend would have baked one for me. What's the use of having a chef for a boyfriend if he doesn't make you yummy things, eh?

And now for my pressies. The following ones are the things my boyfriend got me.

Super Duper Cow Torch! We always end up running out of electric and I have to feel around in the dark for the metre key so as a joke be bought me this. Isn't it cute?!

Kitchen Scales. I love baking and I've having to measure things by eye or in terms of "cups" which is just a disaster made to happen, plus they are in my favourite colour besides pink haha.

This body scrub is actually the best thing I've ever used in terms of shower/bath things. Almost completely replaces bottled body scrub and it's recycled. I love the shape of it too. Looks so cute in our wash room.

And finally, POSH WASH! Especially for princesses! Haha. I love the bottle. The wash smells lovely but the bottle is great. I'm going to keep it and fill it up with other shower gels when it runs out.

The following things were from my parents.

Smelly pillows! They go in your drawers and make your clothes smell yummy.

Make up bag. It came with a little set of eyeshadows, a small nail-file and a lipgloss.

More Hello Kitty stuff! Hello Kitty and Pink Leopard print, what more could I need from a tote?

The rest of the stuff I will show you now in my... BRAND NEW BEDROOM TOUR! I haven't got pics of the kitchen/living room because it's still pretty masculine haha.

Our gorgeous bed (and ugly storage heater)! It came with the flat. Isn't it beautiful?! The duvet set and pillows I got for my birthday from my parents. Gorgeous aren't they?

The artwork on the wall is from my parents again. I finally have a floor-length mirror and look! We have beams!

This is one of the pressies from my boyfriend's mum. I love it! She always gets me something cupcakey. My boyfriend doesn't mind as I let him have a lot of his little posters and things around so the bedroom is a bit more of my girly things, you know?

That's it really. I'll show you the pics of my xmas stuff in another blog entry so I don't completely over-load you with picspam.
Let me know how your xmas and new years went! We had a quiet one really, my boyfriend and I went over to his mums and had a nice meal with some of his family and then camped out in her living room and got pretty pissed. It's not the usual party I'm used to doing on NYE but it was nice to just be together. Heh, I'm such a sap!

Last picture, just a makeup and hair look from yesterday and a pressie from my friend:

Gosh this camera makes me look like a sheet! But ignore the boobs, look above them, what's that? NYAN CAT NECKLACE ( ̄▽ ̄*)! My life is complete.

Last thing guys and gals; we now live next door to the library and I found they stock Manga! The lady in there said they want to start stocking more and I should give her a list of any series I'd like to see in there. I've currently got out Nana and Fruits Basket (I've seen the Anime but never read the manga) and I wanted to know if any of you have any recommendations? I like things like Love Hina, Chobits, that kind of thing. Any Manga with Gyaru themes that isn't explicit? I don't really want to give that impression of myself to the local librarian haha (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑!

Thanks (o゚▽゚)o