Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Thank you.

I just want to say thank you to all my new followers and to my old ones, of course. Even though I dont have a huge ammount, just knowing that there are people out there, reading what I have to say is really an honour.

I also have to apologise for not updating for a little while, unfortunately it'll be like this for a little while longer as I'm still going through trying to get funding for my apprenticeship and I'm spending most of my time drafting and writing letters to send off to various charities asking for their help. I promise you that when this is all sorted I'll be back to regular updates again!

Just something to keep you going in the mean time:
I love playing video games and my boyfriend and I invested in a 360 a few months ago, as you may or may not know. I just wondered which of you play Xbox and what games are your favourites?

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Olive Oil - The wonder sauce.

I've discovered the brilliance of Olive Oil. I stumbled upon it by chance really when I'd ran out of make-up remover and I read on the internet that using Olive Oil on a bit of cotton wool is really good for removing eye make-up.
It works!

All you have to do is put a little bit on a piece of cotton wool and rub it over your eyes and it takes it clean off. If you have waterproof mascara on it'll take a little more rubbing but I've found it works better then the face-wipes I had before. Plus, it conditions your eyelashes and makes them grow longer apparently. Bonus!

The other little tid-bit I've found is using it as a hair treatment. Just "oil up" your dry hair and leave it for about 5 mins and then put on some conditioner without rinsing first. Leave that in for another 5-10mins and then rinse out. You should follow this with a Conditioner-shampoo-conditioner type wash (in fact, if you're interested in growing your hair and keeping it healthy this is what you should be doing anyway).
The directions for Condition-Shampoo-Conditioner type washing is as follows:
Put conditioner in your wet hair from the ears down. Use your shampoo on the scalp but not on the lengths of your hair without rinsing off the conditioner. Once you've cleaned your scalp rinse off both the shampoo and conditioner before adding more conditioner from root to tip. Tye your hair up and out of the way while you do your other shower duties and then rinse off the conditioner before you get out.
This really is the best way to wash your hair to make sure it stays in the best condition without having to invest in special types of shampoos or conditoners.

Hope my advice helped some of you!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hair cut and Circle lenses.

I gave myself a haircut! I do cut my own hair I'm usually quite good at it and I just dont trust my hairdresser to give me the cut I want anymore so I just do it myself. I've been doing it for a while now and I use this tutorial:

This was my result:

It's quite a bit shorter then it was but I'm happy because after having bleached it twice within a matter of weeks I really had damaged the ends quite a bit. Now it's pretty soft all the way down to the bottom with none of those horrible ends anymore. I think I will need to use a very strong damage-repair mask to make it right again though. Can anyone recommend me any?

This was the total hair I cut off. Nyaaa! So much.

Going off the topic of hair now and onto Circle Lenses. I have a bit of a problem. I was really ok with wearing circle lenses and only had a problem with them if I'd worn them for a long time, they made my eyes go dry, but recently I went shopping with a friend, the heat in all the shops and the dry-air made them so sore I couldn't open my eyes properly. I managed to get back to the car and take them out asap but my problems only started then. When I put them in again a few days later one of my eyes became really sore and bloodshot around my iris, it even started to produce gunk and go puffy. It stayed like that for a few days so I left my lenses out until it seemed to have cleared up.
I put them in again a few days ago but a similar thing happened but not quite as bad as before. Has anyone had this? Can anyone tell me what I should do about it? HELP! I love wearing lenses and I dont want to be without them again ToT.

Oh and I have good news! I was awarded the grant from The Prince's Trust, conditional on me securing the other funds! Isn't that great? I just hope that the college gives me a payment scheme so I dont have to get a loan.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

A diet inspiration.

 As some of you may know, I'm a member of Soompi.com. I love Kpop and Kdrama and their fashion and fitness forums are really helpful and always full of good advice.

I was recently on their Health & Fitness board when I came across the following thread
My Successful Diet Story
I was completely and utterly inspired. She's pretty much my size now when she started, perhaps even a little smaller and her size when she finished is pretty much my goal! It's just amazing to see the change in someone put in front of you like that. It really made me re-evaluate the way I eat. Every 5 minutes I say I need to diet and then I end up being tempted by chocolates or sweets. I need to follow her example and go from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan!

I thought I'd share with you my Diet Inspirations; the people who's body inspires me the most.

Izumi Mana



These are the 3 women who's bodies inspire me the most. I know most people think Yumachi is "too thin" but I think she's so increadibly beautiful. I hope that some of you found this motivational but please remember to keep healthy on your weightloss journies. Don't let yourself go hungry or push yourself too hard. Your happiness is the most important thing and you'll never be happy if you hurt yourselves!

I might be a little bit M.I.A. for a while as at the moment I have a bunch of stuff in my personal life I need to do. I went to The Prince's Trust on Wednesday and it went very well but I have to go about trying to find a payment plan or, as a last resort, getting a loan to secure the rest of the funds for my apprenticeship. I've been running around like a headless chicken, phoning the college, my prospective employer, The Prince's Trust and a bunch of other government schemes trying to find a lead in all of this and I've barely had time to sit down and chat with my boyfriend nevermind plan and write a blog entry. I will try to keep you all updated and post when I can though so dont disappear!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

A little Ageha June 2011 Review.

I really like the June 2011 edition of Ageha. The entire thing is dedicate to the models personal styles and their daily life (from what I can make out). Some of them have really helpful tips and tutorials. I'll share with you my 5 favourites. Click the pics for the full image.

Himena's pages are wonderful. I love the picture of her in the hostess dress and her hair is just fabulous.

I think I actually climaxed when I saw this page. So much MA*RS I could faint! Could anyone remind me of this girl's name and point me in the direction of her blog?

The diagrams for Satomin's makeup are great. I really want to try these out, especially the purple one.

This is another girl's blog I'd really like! Her hair is fantastic and her outfits are beautiful.

I love the tutorial that shows you the placements of dark and light lines around the eyes. I think this is a really great basic tutorial for gals to work off while finding the right "droop" for their eyes and we all know I LOVE droopy eyes ^_^ (though I have to scroll quickly past the feet because they freak me out...)

All-in-all I thought this was a great issue of Ageha. I loved how it got down-and-personal with the models and gave you a little insight into their lives as well as being able to see their personal style and personal tips. I would be grateful for someone translating some of these pages! Definately worth downloading the scans, or more-so buying this issue.

I get my scans at http://www.laurita.ch where you can also get other Gal Mag scans too ^_^.

Ebay sales.

Have you noticed how many anodynes there are laying around on the floor

Yes it's that time again for me to do a bit of advertising and promote my Ebay Sales page.


They are not Gyaru items per-say but some of them could be adapted to be so, depending on your style.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

DreamV Haul!

Finally, after all the issues with Customs and the back-to-back bank holidays here in England, I finally recieved my DreamV items!

I got two pairs of stockings. I absolutely LOVE the pink stripey pair, but the other pair are really flattering on the legs as they still have the illusion of being stockings but are actually tights and so cover up my ugly parts!

This dress was on sale so I was even more drawn to it. I am so much more in love with it now it's arrived. It has a cut-out in the back and little sleevy things.

Last, but not least, the most expensive and favourite of my DreamV purchases. I absolutely love this dress. I've been really loving the lace cut-out backs and big collar trend a-la D.I.A and now I can follow it. YAY!

I also recieved a couple of other things

This is a huge, heavy necklace I bought from ebay. I'm thinking I can also use it as a chain-belt, ne?

AND, my sister went to Naples and brought me this Hello Kitty dipping Lolly. She's not doing very good for my diet, though, I have to admit, these kinds of things I dont really want to eat, I'd rather look at them.

Here's my outfit and hair and make for the day! I really love the DreamV dress but those tights are definately my favourite buy. The other dress is gorgeous on too but the sleevy bits make my bingo-wings look mahoosive!

Let me know what you think ^_^.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Dream V copies.

I absolutely adore DreamV. I know there are a few people who aren't their biggest fan as they are quite cheap items but personally everytime I go on their website I fall in love Photobucket.

I was browsing the site earlier and what did I stumble across?


Can you recognise the similarity between this and the MA*RS frilly shorts?


I know that DreamV do a lot of this, copying items from well-known Gal brands and putting their own spin on it but what do you think? Is this as bad as the fakes out there?

Personally I'm not bothered by their copying of brands. They dont pretend to be the brands themselves and they are a lot cheaper in price. I also find they do put their own spin on it and sometimes improve the original some-what.

Which one do you prefer? MA*RS or DreamV?

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Coming back

Backwards and forwards. I know this must be pretty frustraiting for my followers but you gal's comments and such do mean a lot to me so I'm going to use this blog as my main "gyaru" blog and my ameblo will continue to be my weightloss/personal update blog.

I've also decided to write a little more on here, not just about myself but about my gyaru influences, trend updates, favourite co-ordinates, spam pics and the occasional tip, tutorial and review.
In the coming weeks I will be completely over-hauling the blog, organising and redesigning it so it's more appealing for you followers.

I hope with this that I continue to keep and gain followers and meet and get to know more gyaru across the world as that is what this blog was originally created for.

If anyone can help me a little bit with ideas for the banner design I would be increadibly grateful!
Also, if anyone can tell me if there's a way to connect to Tumblr on here so I can stream my tumblr updates, I'd also be in your debt!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ameblo update 01/05/2011

New items, a small Shopping Mall Japan review and a personal update.

As always, please feel free to comment on this entry if you can't figure out ameblo.