Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Back once again with the ill behaviour!

Unfortunately it's not the renegade master but it's me, I'm back with another bulky update.

First things first, the meal. I think that's where I last left you. It was bloody gorgeous. I'm so lucky going out with a chef. All of it was taylored to me and to my vegetarian and generally "fussy eater" requirements.

I got there to flowers and a beautifully set out table. Champagne on ice and my boyfriend in his chef whites.

Starter was a gorgeous wild mushroom salad served with lightly sauteed bread.

Followed by a delicious mushroom tart au tan served with a spinach salad and honey roasted vegetables.

Followed by the most gorgeous Chocolate Platter I'd ever seen! We couldn't finish it between us.

So that was all brilliant. We had a great week while my boyfriend's mum was away and it really was nice to spend some time alone together.

Circle Lenses

I finally got my circle lenses through! Although I am going to be doing a review on these in a seperate post at some point over the next couple of days I just have to say how pleased I am to have them. They're absolutely HUGE! They are Geo Super Nudy in Grey.

My eye face-on with the circle lens.

Here from the side you can see the halo around it.

And finally you can see just how much it changes the look of my face with my lenses in! I really do love them.

Shopping Haul.

I have been pretty without funds recently but finally I got to treat myself to a couple of things. I'll start you off with the less interesting stuff and work up.

Needed a new bra. This one was pretty. Now all I need are matching panties.

(excuse the socks) This item is a little strange. I got it in a bundle of 2 other tops for 99p. It's got split sleeves at the elbows and a "rip-effect" at the neckline. I dont know if it's nice or slightly too 90's for me. What do you think?

This is the other top I got in that 99p bundle (for some reason I've not taken a picture of the 3rd item). Personally I see this more as a dress. It's increadibly flattering on the chest area. I look like busty mc boobs tbh.

I wanted an over-sized print tee as I'd seen them used a lot in co-ords with denim shorts, so I got one.

I have a really great Tsu-chan-esq co-ord planned for this.

A girl can never have too many tartan mini-skirts.

Finally these are the main things I've been excited about. I never buy brand, mainly as I can never afford to. However I've been lusting over a few things on a new stockist in Hong Kong that ships to the UK for reletively cheap. I finally took the plunge and bought stuff.

These are GORGEOUS frilly shorts from Tralala.

That came with matching legwarmers.

And then, the main thing I've been creaming myself over.
A MA*RS DRESS! MA*RS is my favourite brand, as you may have guessed, and to finally own one is beyond words! I'm so excited and I just CANT WAIT to wear it out. Meep.

Now I better shoot off and call the jobcentre. I had an interview with a Salon the other day. They want to train me but I need to try and oragnise some extra funding. I might be training as a Hairdresser and Beautician in September if all of this goes well!

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