Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Date Night

Just a quick little update to show you guys my hair and makeup before I flit off to my boyfriend's house to be served a candle lit dinner! Oh I LOVE being with a Chef hehe.

This is my first real attempt at Suji-mori (Is that what it's called? Lol). I was so pleased with the result to say I'm a complete amature. My eye looks a bit weird here though...

Just a small view from the side to show the individual strands. I'm so pleased with it. Cant believe it worked out like it has.

Lastly there's me looking very smug about getting it all done so well. Huzzah for me.

Wish me luck for tonight's date wont you? I know I dont have to impress him because he's already my boyfriend, but I still like to have some effect hehe.

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