Monday, 21 February 2011

It's been a while...

Well hello there everyone. I'm sorry for being such a stranger but things in my personal life happened and I just didn't have the mind to come on and blog however, I think, I hope that I'm back and ready to give you a huge update on my incredibly boring life!

Today's mission was to find a decent outfit, hair and makeup for tomorrow's little belated Valentines Day celebration with my boyfriend. Financial issues got in the way of celebrating on Valentines itself but his mum is away for the week so we'll be alone to have a candle lit dinner, how romantic! On top of that I also made a home-made hair-mask, I used a home-made body scrub and I put porridge on my face in order to be at my best. Read more for the recipe for the scrub and the hair-mask as well as other exciting things!

Body Scrub Recipe.

Items Needed: Olive Oil
Moisturiser or body butter.

Instructions: -Apply olive oil to your body. Use generously and rub it in well. Make sure you spend at least 5 mins, if not more, on your whole body, rubbing the olive oil into your skin. The more olive oil the softer it'll be.
-Use an average amount of sugar and apply to your body over the olive oil. Scrub your skin but not too hard as to damage it but hard enough so that you remove the dead skin cells. Again this should take at least 5 minutes.
-Leave in for at least 10 minutes. If you have longer I would advise leaving it for 20mins if you can.
- Hop in the shower and rinse it all off. Do not use soap or sponges. Leaving a little olive oil on your skin will make it softer.
-Use an ample amount of your moisturiser while your skin is still slightly damp and rub in well. Once everything is dried off and absorbed you'll have noticeably softer skin!

Hair mask recipe

Items Needed: 1 Banana
2 Table Spoons Mayonnaise
1 Table Spoon Olive Oil.

Instructions: - Purée the banana. It is paramount that you make sure the banana purée is completely smooth and without lumps otherwise you will be spending a long time combing out lumps of banana even after shampooing.
-Mix in the Mayonnaise and the Olive oil with the banana purée and gently whisk until it's all mixed in together.
-Apply to your hair.
-Leave in for about half an hour can be longer if you wish.
-Rinse thoroughly. I followed with Shampoo and conditioner but I think it's entirely up to you. I just thought it felt a bit heavy without washing!

Let me know if these were of use to you!

As for the rest of the day I've been sorting out the clothes in my wardrobe and drawers. I had the BIGGEST pile of crap I've ever laid my eyes on (and yet I can still never find anything to wear).

 I managed to sort it down to: Rubbish, Charity, Give to Friends, Ebay, Stuff I wear but not often, Everyday stuff. I now just need to pick up a few storage boxes to store the stuff I dont wear as often in to keep from crowding the stuff I do.

As for me over the past few weeks I've not been here, well I'll just give you a few pics as a re-cap.

These are some of the snaps from our Center Parcs visit. I couldn't do anything with my hair or make because we spent the entire week in the pool and it all just got ruined. I thought I'd post them anyways because we had SO much fun!

My best friend came back from her adventures in Peru! We had a little party for her and got in Cat Mode. I got roped into doing everyone's makeup though.

Now for just general outfit and makeup pics.

So there we go. I will try and update soon. Hope you're all well! Let me know if I'm improving/where I can further improve. I always love some pointers ^_^.


  1. Hmm, I need to try one of those too. My skin is horrible. Q.Q

  2. By the way. I just have to say this. You're really cute ^^,

  3. Thanks you Zerda, you're not too bad yourself! Lol.

    The skin thing really works! The porridge on the face works best if you have dry skin which I dont because I have combination so it made it a bit greasy but at least I know for future reference!