Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I'm back from my friend's place. I'm the most absent minded person and I didn't take any pictures at all. We didn't do much other then go shopping. I bought some sexy undies which, I wont go ahead and show you haha, but I also managed to pick up some more hairdye (my roots were getting horribly bad) and some new makeup.

I'm so pleased with it right now! It's getting closer and closer to the shade I want it everytime I dye it. I want it to be similar to Cocona's haircolour

Do any of you have an ideas about what shades or techniques I would need to use to achieve her shade? Does she have dark brown lowlights as well or is it just a darker shade of ash that I'd need? HELP ME!

If you want to achieve my makeup look it's pretty simple because the lovely Rikku has posted her tutorial and that's what I've used. Go and check it out: Rikku's Eye Tutorial.

Sorry for the increadibly unflattering pose but I wanted to show you my top. I customised it from just a plain black wool jumper. I cut the top off to make it off-shoulder and then added a slit down the back and adorned it with bows to keep it together. I made the bows myself too. I'm also wearing my new tights but you can't see them! They're black with little white bows in them. They really match the top and I've been looking for a pair for ages! Primark can be the bringer of miracles sometimes. Probably why there's always an increadible ammount of people in there!

Me and my boyfriend are going to be making Jumbo Cupcakes with my new Jumbo Cupcake maker. I know it's nothing to do with fashion but I will have to post pics of our masterpieces when they're done.

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