Saturday, 4 June 2011

Gyaru as a lifestyle - Music.

I'm going to be doing a series of posts about the so-called "Gyaru lifestyle". There's huge debate in the community about whether Gal is a lifestyle choice or just simply a fashion statement. I am undecided mostly but I do believe that you do have to live a certain lifestyle for Gal to fit everyday, for example most Japanese gals work as hostesses or staff-chans and sacrifice other jobs because they wouldn't be able to dress the way they enjoy.

Today I want to cover what exactly a Gyaru would listen to. Mostly when I think of Gals and music I get drawn to Eurobeat mainly because of the Gyaru craze of Para-para.

Aside from Eurobeat the other two music genres that I see mentioned the most are Jpop/rock and R&B/Hip-hop. Obviously the latter form a huge base of influence for the Bgyaru off-shoot and the former seems to be prominent among the rokku, banba and tsuyome gals.

Personally I listen to mostly Jungle, Drum and Bass, Reggae & Dub, Dancehall, Techno, Hardtek, dubstep, breakbeat and UK Hip hop.

What are your music tastes? Do you fit the bill with the most commonly listened to "gal music"?

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  1. No commets yet? I am right where u r. I loooove Junge, DnB and hardstyle. I think the gyaru life is what u make of it. Im really into Parisian 80s darkwave too. Love you!