Friday, 3 June 2011

Shopping Mall Japan Review.

I got another order from Shopping Mall Japan through and I thought I'd write a more detailed review about their services this time, so here goes. I hope some of you find this useful.

Everything arrived in a box, well padded by a ton of Japanese newspapers. I really appreciate how padded-out the packages are to ensure that no, or as little as possible, damage is caused to the items inside.

The items themselves are always packaged in little bags with the auction number and such on a lable on the outside. The items are usually folded pretty well too.

The items were both undamaged and I was really pleased with the way they packaged and sent their items.

I personally use SMJ as you can put down a deposit through paypal and you can bid up to 5x that ammount on as many items as you like. You also dont have to pay the invoices for 2 weeks after you recieve them which is both a blessing and a curse for me!

Their fees are pretty good too but they charge different rates depending on which auction site your using or if you're placing a shop order. If you want to know their fees information just go to their website:

They only allow EMS shipping which is at normal rates. As far as I know they dont send items standard post. They usually ship pretty soon after you place your shipping request I've had no complaints with their dispatch times so far.
They support Yahoo Japan auctions, Amazon Japan, Rakuten auctions etc but do not support Mbok so you will have to use another shopping service for that.

Lastly their Customer Service is fantastic. Everytime I've had a query with them they have replied within 24 hours and are always friendly and polite.

Overall I really have nothing bad to say about this shopping service other then the fact they do not support Mbok. I'm hoping this will change soon but otherwise, if you're looking for a great service for Yahoo Japan and Rakuten I really recommend!

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