Monday, 11 July 2011

I'm a bit MIA.

I have to apologise for my recent hiatus and the fact that it will be continuing indefinitely until things in my personal life have all fallen back into line.

Those of you who I actually speak with may know about my heath issues will know I've been dealing with a team of doctors and other health professionals in order to make head and tail of things. I'm currently having to have a lot of blood tests and those sorts of things and I've been refered to a new clinic. It's all a bit scary to be honest with you so I'm sure you can understand why I've not been in the right mind to think of and write out blog entries.

Due to that and various other things happening in my personal life right now (it all happens at once, doesn't it?!) I will not have the time or mental capabilities to blog. I will be back, I'm not a quitter and I enjoy writing this blog and I enjoy reading people's comments and reading about other Gal's lives so please don't unfollow me or unbookmark me (if I am indeed special enough to gain a bookmark!) and I will be back.

Please feel free to add me to MSN or Skype as I'd love to keep in contact with my readers even if I dont have time to blog.
Skype: cupcaked.princess_k

I will be back soon. Thanks for reading and understanding.

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