Friday, 28 October 2011

November Popteen Outfit Picks and gets from Superdrug and Ebay.

It's that time where all the November scans are being released so here are my outfit picks from the November issue of Popteen.

I was fairly unimpressed with Popteen this month but then I often find that it fails to impress me anyway. I was pleased with the MA*RS spread they had though *brand slave*.

I also have a few gets to show you! My ebay stuff and my Superdrug stuff have come through.

Ebay Gets.

1. Rilakkuma bento box with chopsticks.

2. Revlon Very Light Ash Blonde hair dye. I got 2 boxes of this, one for my actual hair and one for my extensions. The extensions are slightly different shade of blonde to my actual hair so hopefully this will combat the issue.

3. Razor Comb for doing my layers. I need to learn how to use this properly though haha.

4. Pack of combs. I needed a new teasing comb and I found that it was actually cheaper to buy a full set of combs rather then just a teasing comb by itself. Gotta love bargins.

Superdrug Gets

1. Kleenex face wipes. They are brand new so I wanted to try them out and see if they're any better then the simple wipes I currently use.

2. Set of MUA eyeshadows in various browns. I should really branch out and get more colours but browns are such a staple, especially now we're in the a/w season.

3. More MUA eyeshadows except these are in a more pinky-brown shade.

4. Just a pressed powder as I dropped my last stuff on the floor and it all broke up and split in my bag and on my carpet. It was really ace.

5. MUA nail polish in light pink.

6. MUA lipstick in pink.

7. More 2-true liquid liner because the MUA stuff sucks monkey ass.

8. Neutrogena Multi-defence facial scrub. I need more face-wash and it's been a while since I've used a scrub instead of just a cleansing wash.

9. A new toothbrush/uninteresting list point.

If you would like me to review anything I've just got, please let me know and I'll try and review it as best I can ^_^.

I was hoping my stuff from Shoppingholics would come today but as yet it's not arrived. Boo. I hope it does come. I want it before the weekend.

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