Friday, 4 November 2011

Egg November 2011 Outfit Picks.

Finally the scans for Egg November 2011 have been posted on Jmagazinescans and I got all excited, as I usually do with the release of Egg and it was with good reason, I really loved this issue of Egg. It's not often that I'm disappointed with the magazine and this issue was no exception.

(click for full-size image)
My favourite outfit of the entire issue was the girl with blonde hair wearing the D.I.A denim legwarmers, leopard print skirt and the grey, knitted long-sleeved jumper, but then I always have a weakness for D.I.A. I loved all the tutorials for hair and makeup in this issue too, some of which I'll have to try out for myself.

I need a bit of help from you all! I have two requests:
1. Can you tell me if the girl in the top left of the picks has a blog? I believe her name is Riho, I'm not sure. Can anyone confirm that for me? I love her in the magazine and I'd love to see her personal style.
2. I want to place an order through celga from the mbok auctions. I'm a little cautious with shopping services though. I'm quite stuck in my ways and I'm used to the one I currently use (shopping mall Japan) but they only do Rakuten and Yahoo auctions and I'd really like to buy items from Mbok. Can anyone guide me through how to place a bid through Celga? In dumb-blonde steps please? haha.

I have a few outfit and personal style posts to come as well as my picks for Happie Nuts November 2011 to come. Let me know what you think of this month's Egg!

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