Monday, 12 March 2012

My Gyaru Inspirations.

Well guys and gals, I wanted to write a little something about my Gyaru inspirations; I'm talking about the "famous" gals, rather then my inspirations within the "western community". This is going to be quite a long post anyway so bare with me.

These are in no particular order by the way.


I just love this girl. I love reading her blog and how nice and genuine she seems on there. She's beautiful both inside and out and I think that makes her a great role model. As for her style? I love how it's "alternative" but still gyaru. I like the fact she can wear her trademark rokku style but still then wear the more girly and femine styles and look gorgeous still. I know I'm not the only one who adores her anyway.

Izumi Mana.

I know there's some debate about AV Gals but I love them. I don't see anything wrong with porn and even though most people believe that some-how it's degrading to women, I think it empowers them, shows how desirable they are. But this isn't a porn debate, it's about inspirations and here's why Izumi Mana is an inspiration to me: I think she's cute, her make up is the style I love, her tan is perfect and I think she has a banging body. Out of every "thinspo" picture I've ever seen Izumi Mana tops it. Unf. Haha.


Again, this girl has had mixed reviews from the community but I love her. I love her bold make-up and her gorgeous tan. I think she's so incredibly sexy and, well... just watch one of her videos and you'll understand. As far as her style? I like the fact she can be casual but still pull of looking Gyaru. I think she's got a bit of the old style that I love the most.

Yuri - D.I.A. Staff.

So I don't know anything about this girl personally other then I always see her on Tumblr, her codenote is a gold-mine of inspiration and she works at D.I.A. Her outfits always look flawless, everything she wears is a total want for me. Her tan is gorgeous, her hair is my "dream" colour, and length for that matter and her nails are ah-may-zing. She's my favourite inspiration I think as her style is exactly what I'd love to achieve. Maybe one day?

Himena Osaki.

She's not Ora Ora but she's flawless and you can't deny it. I love her Hime/Agejo mix and she has always been a massive inspiration to me. She makes me want to go all Hime whenever I see her. Her style is gorgeous and her hair always looks beautiful and her make-up is a huge source of inspiration to me; I usually try and imitate her make-up style most days.


I would include Aina in this list as she used to be a huge inspiration to me but her style has changed recently and no longer wears anything that really inspires me, however Yumachi just seems to be getting better and better. Her eye make up is more toned-down then I usually like but she still looks gorgeous. In fact Yumachi was my first inspiration when I started getting into the style and she still continues to inspire me today.


She's just perfect ok? A perfect example of Ora Ora style and the fact she's in both Egg and Soul Sister (my two favourite magazines) proves that. I love the fact that she has a piercing as well because far too many gals in the community say it's no place for piercings... those people should really read through Soul Sister haha.


Last gal I'm going to talk about is Risa. I love her because her outfits are simple but still look gyaru. I think she is a great inspiration for Western gals who don't really want to import everything they wear because the items in her co-ordinates are the types of things you could easily find on the highstreet over here, proving you don't have to wear Japanese Gyaru brands to pull off the look. Her tan is gorgeous too; I think it helps makes her entire look.

So that's my main Gyaru inspirations. What do you think? Hopefully this post will go to inspire some of you like it inspires me.

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  1. OMG, they're so gorgeous!! loving your blog, btw :) xx.