Friday, 9 March 2012

OMG I got an interview.

I use OMG too much (;>д<).

I got myself an interview. OMG OMG OMG (there it is again). This is an especially huge deal for me as I've been out of work for a while due to my anxiety problems. I had to leave my last job because of them and, finally, I think I may be ready to sort my life out. Things have got so much better in my life, moving out, getting a serious relationship with someone who treats me right, friends who care and support me; I definitely feel like this could be the right time. I probably wouldn't have applied before discussing things with my doctor but this company does work that I really support and I would love to be behind it (*゚▽゚*).
I'm a little apprehensive about it though, I know so many people are going for this position and because of the fact I've only done a 2 week temp job in the past 2 years because of my illness I am probably bottom of the pack but I know I can do this job, I want to do this job and I have the right experience and the motivation to do it. I just hope they can see that.

Anyway, some less personal stuff here; I've posted this on twitter and Tumblr but I'd like to explain a little about it, my eye-make for yesterday.

I'm actually pretty proud of it. I followed the following (follow, follow) tutorial from Soul Sister Volume 4.  The scan is by Sukebans @ Tumblr. Follow her for some amazing OraOra-style inspiration (I can now see that my eyelash is coming off slightly but shhh, it's just an illusion).

I acutally LOVE soul sister ヾ(*≧∀≦*)ノ. It's exactly to my tastes and I love the fact that the girls are of all different sizes and varieties. There isn't just the skinny models in there, there's thick, thin and in-between gals and they all look gorgeous. I think that's seriously inspirational and shows that anyone can be Gyaru and look good in it, no matter what their body type or what G_S seems to say.

I have one last thing to talk about and that is I may be completely behind the times but it's a really great site where Japanese girls and guys post their outfits. They have a huge community on there and one thing I love is that you can search for a brand and it shows you co-ordinates with items from that brand in it. If you haven't been on there then go now, so many inspirational outfits to look at.

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