Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Omg look who it is!

Hello Guys and Gals. I have to apologise for my absence. I've been going through a pretty hard time in my personal life and I've really had no time for Gyaru nevermind time to blog. I won't go into it but I've been quite ill and I needed some time to heal, you know?
Either way, I'm back here now, hopefully to stay rather than just one post for the next few months haha. (ฅ'ω'ฅ)♪

Firstly I want to post a few things from our trip to Dunston Hall! I've been wanting to go there since I first moved to Norfolk, all those years ago. My boyfriend's mum found an increadibly cheap deal online for it and paid for a 2 night break for us for my boyfriend's birthday. 

When we got there we were upgraded to a deluxe room. This has never happened to either of us before so we were pretty excited. I was just completely in awe of the place, right from the entrance hall.

Our room was absolutely gorgeous. This picture doesn't do it justice. I really cannot get across how massive that bed was. We almost needed walkie talkies to talk to each other if we laid on either side of it haha (had to put in that silly picture of my boyfriend drinking his hot choccy lol) ♡(*>▽<*)♥
The breakfast... OMG the breakfast. I ate so much the first day I thought I was going to die! The breakfast room had the most epic lampshades I've ever seen. They were actually amazing.

The breakfast is what my boyfriend had. Being vegetarian I didn't dare with any of the cooked stuff, in case they'd shared a pan with any meat, so I went with the continental option and filled myself up on pastries and cereal; this was probably my downfall. (。-_-。)
We had free access to the pool and sauna facilities. Because it was off-peak and we chose to go later in the day, the first night we had the whole pool to ourselves basically. One person came in to swim for about 20 mins but otherwise it was just the two of us.

We had a meal there on one night and wow... I was so pleased with it. For once, they had a vegetarian menu that I actually wanted to eat. Usually I just have to make-do with whatever is on there because everything else has meat in. I had a goats cheese and red onion filo tart for starter and then a wild mushroom risotto for main then we took out a chocolate tart from room service for pudding. Yum Yum.

The only thing was that the goat's cheese had a tiny bit of the wrapper still on it! We said something to the waitress and the Manager of the hotel came out and told us we would get my starter for free! (๑´ω`๑)
Although I obviously don't like finding plastic in my food, the food was still amazing and the fact that the manager came out to apologise himself and not just sending a waiter/tress out really impressed me.
Also, all of the pictures of me from the entire trip are full of herp-derp and I took the wrong bloody bag with me which means most of my make up and my circle lenses were not in my possession. Mega Annoyed.

The day we left it had started snowing for the first time this winter in England. Looking out over the golf course that morning was gorgeous and incredibly romantic. I actually didn't want to leave and neither did my boyfriend but it was back to our little flat and our (now) incredibly small bed.

So yeah, that's about all I have to show you of our trip. I'm sorry for the distinct lack of Gyaru in this. My confidence has taken a little bit of a hit but I'll try and post more things from now on. I just need a little molly-coddling at the minute, until I start to feel a little better about myself.
Anywho, it's nice to be back. I can't wait to go through all the blogs I follow again and catch up with all of you.

I'd like you to recommend me some blogs as well. I follow quite a few but I'd like to follow some more and get a bit more involved in the community again, you know? So yeah, tell me your blogs and your favourite blogs in the comments please!

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