Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunday Gets.

Ok so technically I got this stuff yesterday but I spend the entire day in the company of friends and couldn't blog about them straight away but here we are.

First of all I have a small eyelash haul.

(left to right) Cat Eye, Angel Eye and Princess Eye. Angel Eye and Princess Eye are my two favourite Diamond Lash styles I've bought and I really wanted to try out Cat Eye as I've seen it on Mipochi before and I loved the look of them. I've yet to wear them but hopefully I'll be able to show you how they look on within the next few days.

These gorgeous Peep-Toe heels are by DEEP 7.  I have leopard-print flat boots by the same brand and they have lasted me years so I'm hoping these will be equally as good. They are exceptionally high though. I'm going to have to train my feet to walk in them before I actually go out anywhere wearing them.

I have this coat too. I haven't got a picture of it "in the flesh" but you can get the gist of it. I wear my Yumetenbo Leopard Print coat too much and it's not waterproof so the fur is getting a little scraggy now and I don't want to keep putting it through that torment so it's good I finally have a waterproof coat as well. It's snug and warm and soft and that's all I need!

Lastly I have my most recent make-up look to show you.

I'm using Diamond Lash Angel on the top and Princess on the bottom. The Circle Lenses are from the Princess Mimi series. They are my favourite lenses to wear.

I cannot wait until I get to try out my new Cateye lashes!

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