Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Me and My Silver Hair.

Hello Gals! Long time no speak! I've been so busy recently that I've just not been able to update but I've had a little bit of a change in my look. I've managed to dye my hair silver and I love it (○⌒∇⌒○).

Here's my look from a couple of weeks ago, just after I dyed it as well as my outfit! I love my new belt and that golddigga hoodie. It's so chavtastic! Haha.

If you're wondering how I got the silver look I bleached it using the Crazy Colours Bleach Kit and then used the La Riche Directions silver dye which I left on for 3 hours. The tubs say it only needs 45 minutes but I read in most places that leaving it on for extended periods of time (even overnight) is perfectly safe because of it being a semi-perm and conditioning dye and will result in a better colour overall. I also use the Touch of Silver Twice Weekly Shampoo as well as the Nourishing Conditioner once a week and use the Touch of Silver Dry Shampoo in between to keep it looking fresh. 

I'm in such a positive mood today because I had such a good day yesterday. We all went for a little walk in the woods with my friend's dog and the sun was out in full force. We had such a laugh. It was really quite fun. I came away from it feeling generally quite positive about the future.

Looking wistfully off into the distance. The sunset makes my hair look a pretty colour!

Me and my boyfriend under the old railway bridge.  I rarely ever wear trainers but OMG those are just amazing. I'm a sucker for anything leopard print and I'm not going to wear heels to walk in the woods! Haha.

Now I'll finish up with some edited scenery pics I took on our walk.

I promise to update sooner next time with more interesting things to say!

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