Sunday, 31 July 2011

Birthday meal, new layouts and comment boxes.

I have a new layout! Do you like it? I thought my old one was a little too dark and dingy and wanted something with a bit more light to it. Unfortunately though the comments option has disappeared. I'm not sure what part of the code has edited this so until I sort it out, I have a little chat box for you to write comments in. Please don't let it stay bare!

It's one of my best friend's birthday today, she's now officially an adult as she's turning 21. I don't know what the hell to wear for her birthday meal today. Her boyfriend and her family are generally strictly jeans-and-tee kinds of people and I know she's just wearing a casual summer dress. I really don't know what I'm going to wear so I've been brain storming.

I love Ash's outfit here.

I was thinking of maybe reversing this outfit and having black shorts and a white top with gold accessories.

Animal print/denim combo.

Again, they'd have to be black shorts.

I think I've brainstormed this enough now. I'll make sure I get a pic of what I end up wearing and show you what I came up with.

Bonus pic:

I've been rocking the straight hair for too long recently. I need to go back to the curls tonight!

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