Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Nerves are ridiculous.

I'm so nervous right now! I have to go into the Salon to look over my loan forms and ask about starting part-time until my funding is secured. I'm so nervous about it because it's a huge thing. I've been out of work due to my illness for a year and a half now and the idea of going back is truly terrifying. Am I ready to go back? What if I'm not and I completely ruin the chance to chase my dreams? It's all swimming around my head. However I've been listening to Fliptrix all morning while curling my hair and that always calms me.

Anyway my friend's mum hasn't uploaded the pictures of us from Sunday but I managed to take a picture of my hair and makeup before we left.

Really bad Suji Mori going on there but everyone was giving me compliments on my hair all night. It wasn't as perfect as it should have been considering I spent about 3 hours on it!

I really am uninspired for outfits today but hopefully what I've come up with is ok

I have got a little diamond necklace on as well but it seems to be up around my neck here haha. I'm teeming this up with heeled "biker boots".

HERP DERP! My make-up and hair efforts for today. 

I need to get a decent camera considering the one on my old phone broke along with it and I'm currently running whatever standard thing is on my Xperia X8. Anyone have any recommendations for something around 80 pounds? 

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