Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Just a quick update about the job.

I'm back from the Salon and I have to say it went amazingly!

The owner said that she doesn't think I'll need to do the full 2 year course, she thinks I'll be fully qualified within 18months. She also says she wants me on the shop floor and building a client base by the end of my first year. She then broke it to me that she's buying another property that a friend of hers owns when it comes to the end of its lease in about 2 and a half years. She wants me to run the current premises with the help of the other stylist but she will be moving between the two so most of it would be single-handed, as long as all my training goes to plan. Can you believe that? I'm so happy you can't even understand what I'm feeling. Eeeeee!

Here, have some Uk Hip hop/Dubstep to make this entry lest texty texty.

(something rediculously sexy about Dirty Dyke...)

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