Sunday, 7 April 2013

My Kuronba and Ora Ora Inspirations and Goals.

Hello Gals!

I told you I'd come back with something interesting today and I'm going to hold up my end of the deal. Today's post is inspired by a recent one of Lizzie's Eternise-Moi blog where she wrong about her Agejo style inspirations and goals and I loved the idea of writing down what you want to achieve and what inspires you in one post, not only for the benefit of your readers but for your own sanity!

Sometimes Gyaru is a little overwhelming, so many sub-styles, so many different ways of doing your hair and make up, so many rules to follow that differ from sub-style to sub-style and it can make your head spin if you're not careful. I know a lot of ladies like to follow a few different styles but, especially if you're working on a tight budget, it's always best to pic a style that you enjoy and stick with it.

I used to be very into the Hime and Agejo styles but as I grew older and my tastes matured I found myself enjoying the look of Kuronba and Ora Ora styles the best as well as finding that they fit my personality and tastes a lot better. I also live in a small town in England and walking around in frilly things with suspenders and the like generally doesn't get the best reception, not that that is the deciding factor but I think that people generally need to feel comfortable in what they are wearing and I just never did in Hime or Agejo even though I enjoyed the way they look, do you see what I mean?

Anyway, enough with the ramble and onto the pictures!

Hair Inspirations.

Makeup Inspirations

Co-ordinate Inspirations

Gyaru Inspirations.






(that was the hardest part as there's sooo many Gyaru who inspire me)

My Kuronba Goals.

1. Get a deep, dark tan (mine's still a bit pasty at the moment!)
2. More D.I.A! I have a few pieces but I need more, more, more!
3. Lose weight. I want to feel more comfortable wearing shorts and no tights.
4. Learn to do Suji properly. I have a little experience with it but not very much.
5. Dye my hair extensions silver to match my hair, or perhaps a different colour altogether. What do you guys think?

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