Wednesday, 6 April 2011

DreamV and Day 1 of the diet pill regime.

I got talking with Amelie last night (who is a very lovely lady) and she explained some things to me about DreamV, their shipping and such in a way my dopey head could understand (she has actually got a great little "tutorial" on her blog about it) so I finally started actually looking around there store and lusting after things. I have a little list of possible buys but I also stumbled across their new maxi-dress range.
Now I hate maxi-dresses usually, they're completely unflattering on me as I'm short with stubby legs and they make me look like a blimp rather then a summery princess but I happened to spot one that I could be persuaded into joining in the maxi-dress trend with.

You can take a look at the item here, if it's inspired you to buy one for yourself. The black one is pure sexy. I know it's not a standard maxi-dress but it works for the trend and I think it'd work for me.

While we're on the subject of DreamV, I was checking out their bra and panties sets earlier. I've heard a few things about Japanese Bras being able to turn very little into a lot in terms of cleavage but I wanted to know if it's really possible to turn nothing into this

I just wondered if anyone had actually bought any of the bras before and could let me know if they worked? I might just buy one anyway and review haha.

I started my new diet pills today. I can feel the caffeine in it more then anything at the moment so I'm a bit jittery. I can't say I can feel the appetite suppressing from the hoodia though, which is odd because I have used P57 hoodia before and it worked very well. Perhaps it takes a few days in this instance?


  1. That is way too cute!!!! I love it! *3*

  2. I've been obsessed by those lace maxi vests for long time....I saw the long sleeves online but this is way better and more versatile!!!!
    this is a MUST HAVE

    at a china shop I bought bra/thon sets ...not large boobs friendly but u can fix it