Saturday, 9 April 2011

Wigs, Shopping services and Yahoo! Japan Auctions.

I bought a wig!
I've been meaning to buy one for a while now and I finally just took the plunge and got one from Ebay. My idea is that when I dont have the time to do my hair (when I'm at festivals or have limited time to get ready etc) then I can just pop my wig on and be out of the door asap.

This is the one I bought. I think it's really pretty! I have a question though for those of you with wigs, how do you add volume to it without ruining the wig itself? Any help with styling it you guys have I'd be grateful for!

I've also been looking through the Yahoo! Japan Auctions as I've found a shopping service I think is ok. It's Shopping Mall Japan. I just wondered if any of you have had dealings with them and what your experiences are. I'd also like to know how your experiences with Yahoo! Japan Auctions are as well, if you've used them in the past.

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