Friday, 8 April 2011

Uber teased, DreamV and Superdrug codes.

I hope all you English gals are enjoying the beautiful weather! I'm really enjoying not freezing my knees off in short skirts for once.
I tried a new way of teasing my hair yesterday and I have to say I'm pretty damn proud of the way it turned out.

Please ignore the Herp Derp. This pic makes it look a little lop-sided but trick of the light, I assure you!
I also tried a new technique for my eyes by adding an extra layer of eyelashes to the top to make them even thicker/longer.

I did have a better close-up but my face just looked even too weird to post on here haha.

I finally made my first order from DreamV after a little help in trying to figure out their website and payment system etc etc. I really can't wait until my items arrive but apparently they wont be expected to get here till the 20th! I dont know if I can really wait that long. I might have to make another purchase before then *laughs*. I'm just such a shop-a-holic.

Talking of being a shop-a-holic, I have a little treat for you UK gals. I went on the Superdrug website to buy my hairdye as my roots are starting to show horribly now and managed to find myself a discount code for 10% off. If any of you need to make some make-up, hair or skincare purchases then use GIFTFORME as your promotional code to recieve the offer ^_^.

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  1. cute outfit!!! u look really nice honey!!!! n_n