Sunday, 6 November 2011

Ageha November 2011 Outfit Picks and a personal note.

The November issue of Ageha was released on Jmagazinescans this morning so I hopped at the chance to compile my picks for this month (I know I still have nuts and Jelly to do but you know my weakness for Ageha).

Obviously since Ageha mainly focuses on hair and beauty there aren't many outfits to chose from (I don't count the big Ageha Shop advertisement at the back as its only shop styling not personal style). I loved what was there though as usual.
I was really happy to see Shady in there too! I know she's had a bit of bad press over at G_S but I like her style and it's nice to see a "western" gyaru in a magazine!

I just wanted to say something on a personal note here. I feel a little bit nervous about it but I would actually like to know a little more about the girls whos blogs I read and so I have a little something to confess.
I suffer from major anxiety issues. I'm prescribed medication to help tackle it and I'm on a course of therapy to help me try and think more rationally about things instead of letting whatever it is take over my thoughts. I decided to say something because of a reply to a comment I made on the G_S post about Gyaru circles and not being able to travel to places in order to attend meets in areas I don't really know. Someone accused me of being lazy for not getting on a train. I hate that, when people assume that anxiety is just laziness, not wanting to do something when it isn't. It's being too scared to do it, too nervous to do it. The whole idea of getting on a train on my own and travelling to a place I don't know, having to be alone around crowds of people just scares me. I hate that it does but until I can get over whatever it is that triggers such a fear I find it very hard to do things that other people do everyday.
I'm not expecting sympathy or anything of the sort, but I thought that perhaps if I said about my issues then not only would it make you readers understand me a little better and maybe show people that may be suffering too that they're not alone and these things are just part of life sometimes and they can be combatted, they can be overcome.

Anyway, I'll end the essay! Fingers crossed my camera charger comes tomorrow and I can finally start posting outfit pics for you again! I've got so many new clothes and co-ords I'd love to show you ^_^.

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