Friday, 18 November 2011

Herpy derpy good news.

Guys, GUYS! I have good news (wow, what, I'm not going to piss and moan about stuff this time? WTF?)! I had a call from the estate agents the day before yesterday...  We've been accepted! Our deposit and first months rent were paid today. We get to pick up the keys on Monday after we've gone through the terms of our tenancy and such. Oh my god! I'm so excited I can barely contain myself!

Yesterday we went for a first grocery shop, picked up a few essentials that we know will keep, canned goods, teabags and the like as well as cleaning products and things like loo roll and toothpaste. I've never wished for a Monday so hard in my life!

Anyway, here are some really boring looks from the past few days. I tried to have a go at imitating the front cover of the November Jelly magazine.

Tbh I think I look like a herpy derpy scene kid. I'm never very good with the natural look and making it actually look gal. I just end up looking normal haha.

And then today's look which is equally as uninteresting but I like using my boyfriend's camera.

Even if it does make me look seriously pale and completely deletes all the contouring from my face. The flash however has also deleted all the spots I have at the moment which is a bit of a plus haha. Ignore the hairspazz.

Can't wait until I can take pictures of the flat and make a blog post showing you. Cross your fingers that we get internet set up pretty sharpish lol.

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