Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Shoppingholics haul!

Omg YAY my stuff from Shoppingholics (as well as loads of other stuff but that would make an epically big post so I'll talk about them tomorrow)! Finally I have diamond lash eyelashes of my own.

These are the eyelashes I bought.
1. Diamond Lash Series 2 No.3 Angel Lash Upper Eyelashes. They are so long and gorgeous. I can't wait to try them out.
2. Diamond Lash Series 1 No.4 Lovely Eye Lower Eyelashes. This style I've seen so much in magazines, especially in Egg.
3. Spring Heart No.12 Dynamite Volume Eyelashes. These look so volumous and glam. I have seen these kinds of eyelashes a lot in Ageha.

I really loved the packaging for the Spring Heart eyelashes. Isn't it cute?

I also got this little thingymajig to put in your hair for volume. It will help give my hair a bit of a break from teasing!

I was also given free gifts!

1. These are little velcro things to keep your hair out of your face. Very handy indeed.

2. These are cucumber eye masks. I can't wait to use these. I always have a problem with dark circles!

3. A face mask. I can't read the instructions or anything but I like the packaging.

4. These are little tools to help apply your false lashes. You put the lashes on the curved article at the bottom and then use the big blue thing as clippy tweezer whatsits to pick it up and then apply it to you eye! I'll let you know how easy it is to use!

Here's a better view of the velcro whatsits that hold your hair back.

Isn't the package just adorable?!

Lastly, I was given a thank you card along with my order but the name was wrong! The order was mine but they had the wrong name in the card haha. Oh well, it was nice to get a thank you anyways.

I really like Shoppingholics. They have a good selection and great personal service, good shipping times and rates and generally I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy Japanese Eyelashes or Circle lenses. Definitely worth a look.

I also have news! My boyfriend and I went to the estate agents yesterday afternoon to hand in our paperwork for the flat and now, on the website the flat is listed as "references pending"! I'm sure our references should go through ok, we've not given any misinformation or anything of the sort so fingers crossed we should be in within the next couple of weeks. I'd be so gutted if not! Meep! I can't wait.

Tomorrow I'm going to update with my clothes gets and hopefully I'll get my Cocona-style makeup tutorial up.
Also, I now have a Poupee girl account. Please add me if you have one too!

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