Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Olive Oil - The wonder sauce.

I've discovered the brilliance of Olive Oil. I stumbled upon it by chance really when I'd ran out of make-up remover and I read on the internet that using Olive Oil on a bit of cotton wool is really good for removing eye make-up.
It works!

All you have to do is put a little bit on a piece of cotton wool and rub it over your eyes and it takes it clean off. If you have waterproof mascara on it'll take a little more rubbing but I've found it works better then the face-wipes I had before. Plus, it conditions your eyelashes and makes them grow longer apparently. Bonus!

The other little tid-bit I've found is using it as a hair treatment. Just "oil up" your dry hair and leave it for about 5 mins and then put on some conditioner without rinsing first. Leave that in for another 5-10mins and then rinse out. You should follow this with a Conditioner-shampoo-conditioner type wash (in fact, if you're interested in growing your hair and keeping it healthy this is what you should be doing anyway).
The directions for Condition-Shampoo-Conditioner type washing is as follows:
Put conditioner in your wet hair from the ears down. Use your shampoo on the scalp but not on the lengths of your hair without rinsing off the conditioner. Once you've cleaned your scalp rinse off both the shampoo and conditioner before adding more conditioner from root to tip. Tye your hair up and out of the way while you do your other shower duties and then rinse off the conditioner before you get out.
This really is the best way to wash your hair to make sure it stays in the best condition without having to invest in special types of shampoos or conditoners.

Hope my advice helped some of you!

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