Friday, 6 May 2011

Dream V copies.

I absolutely adore DreamV. I know there are a few people who aren't their biggest fan as they are quite cheap items but personally everytime I go on their website I fall in love Photobucket.

I was browsing the site earlier and what did I stumble across?


Can you recognise the similarity between this and the MA*RS frilly shorts?


I know that DreamV do a lot of this, copying items from well-known Gal brands and putting their own spin on it but what do you think? Is this as bad as the fakes out there?

Personally I'm not bothered by their copying of brands. They dont pretend to be the brands themselves and they are a lot cheaper in price. I also find they do put their own spin on it and sometimes improve the original some-what.

Which one do you prefer? MA*RS or DreamV?

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