Saturday, 7 May 2011

DreamV Haul!

Finally, after all the issues with Customs and the back-to-back bank holidays here in England, I finally recieved my DreamV items!

I got two pairs of stockings. I absolutely LOVE the pink stripey pair, but the other pair are really flattering on the legs as they still have the illusion of being stockings but are actually tights and so cover up my ugly parts!

This dress was on sale so I was even more drawn to it. I am so much more in love with it now it's arrived. It has a cut-out in the back and little sleevy things.

Last, but not least, the most expensive and favourite of my DreamV purchases. I absolutely love this dress. I've been really loving the lace cut-out backs and big collar trend a-la D.I.A and now I can follow it. YAY!

I also recieved a couple of other things

This is a huge, heavy necklace I bought from ebay. I'm thinking I can also use it as a chain-belt, ne?

AND, my sister went to Naples and brought me this Hello Kitty dipping Lolly. She's not doing very good for my diet, though, I have to admit, these kinds of things I dont really want to eat, I'd rather look at them.

Here's my outfit and hair and make for the day! I really love the DreamV dress but those tights are definately my favourite buy. The other dress is gorgeous on too but the sleevy bits make my bingo-wings look mahoosive!

Let me know what you think ^_^.

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