Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Coming back

Backwards and forwards. I know this must be pretty frustraiting for my followers but you gal's comments and such do mean a lot to me so I'm going to use this blog as my main "gyaru" blog and my ameblo will continue to be my weightloss/personal update blog.

I've also decided to write a little more on here, not just about myself but about my gyaru influences, trend updates, favourite co-ordinates, spam pics and the occasional tip, tutorial and review.
In the coming weeks I will be completely over-hauling the blog, organising and redesigning it so it's more appealing for you followers.

I hope with this that I continue to keep and gain followers and meet and get to know more gyaru across the world as that is what this blog was originally created for.

If anyone can help me a little bit with ideas for the banner design I would be increadibly grateful!
Also, if anyone can tell me if there's a way to connect to Tumblr on here so I can stream my tumblr updates, I'd also be in your debt!

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