Sunday, 8 May 2011

A little Ageha June 2011 Review.

I really like the June 2011 edition of Ageha. The entire thing is dedicate to the models personal styles and their daily life (from what I can make out). Some of them have really helpful tips and tutorials. I'll share with you my 5 favourites. Click the pics for the full image.

Himena's pages are wonderful. I love the picture of her in the hostess dress and her hair is just fabulous.

I think I actually climaxed when I saw this page. So much MA*RS I could faint! Could anyone remind me of this girl's name and point me in the direction of her blog?

The diagrams for Satomin's makeup are great. I really want to try these out, especially the purple one.

This is another girl's blog I'd really like! Her hair is fantastic and her outfits are beautiful.

I love the tutorial that shows you the placements of dark and light lines around the eyes. I think this is a really great basic tutorial for gals to work off while finding the right "droop" for their eyes and we all know I LOVE droopy eyes ^_^ (though I have to scroll quickly past the feet because they freak me out...)

All-in-all I thought this was a great issue of Ageha. I loved how it got down-and-personal with the models and gave you a little insight into their lives as well as being able to see their personal style and personal tips. I would be grateful for someone translating some of these pages! Definately worth downloading the scans, or more-so buying this issue.

I get my scans at where you can also get other Gal Mag scans too ^_^.

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