Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hair cut and Circle lenses.

I gave myself a haircut! I do cut my own hair I'm usually quite good at it and I just dont trust my hairdresser to give me the cut I want anymore so I just do it myself. I've been doing it for a while now and I use this tutorial:

This was my result:

It's quite a bit shorter then it was but I'm happy because after having bleached it twice within a matter of weeks I really had damaged the ends quite a bit. Now it's pretty soft all the way down to the bottom with none of those horrible ends anymore. I think I will need to use a very strong damage-repair mask to make it right again though. Can anyone recommend me any?

This was the total hair I cut off. Nyaaa! So much.

Going off the topic of hair now and onto Circle Lenses. I have a bit of a problem. I was really ok with wearing circle lenses and only had a problem with them if I'd worn them for a long time, they made my eyes go dry, but recently I went shopping with a friend, the heat in all the shops and the dry-air made them so sore I couldn't open my eyes properly. I managed to get back to the car and take them out asap but my problems only started then. When I put them in again a few days later one of my eyes became really sore and bloodshot around my iris, it even started to produce gunk and go puffy. It stayed like that for a few days so I left my lenses out until it seemed to have cleared up.
I put them in again a few days ago but a similar thing happened but not quite as bad as before. Has anyone had this? Can anyone tell me what I should do about it? HELP! I love wearing lenses and I dont want to be without them again ToT.

Oh and I have good news! I was awarded the grant from The Prince's Trust, conditional on me securing the other funds! Isn't that great? I just hope that the college gives me a payment scheme so I dont have to get a loan.

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