Thursday, 12 May 2011

A diet inspiration.

 As some of you may know, I'm a member of I love Kpop and Kdrama and their fashion and fitness forums are really helpful and always full of good advice.

I was recently on their Health & Fitness board when I came across the following thread
My Successful Diet Story
I was completely and utterly inspired. She's pretty much my size now when she started, perhaps even a little smaller and her size when she finished is pretty much my goal! It's just amazing to see the change in someone put in front of you like that. It really made me re-evaluate the way I eat. Every 5 minutes I say I need to diet and then I end up being tempted by chocolates or sweets. I need to follow her example and go from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan!

I thought I'd share with you my Diet Inspirations; the people who's body inspires me the most.

Izumi Mana



These are the 3 women who's bodies inspire me the most. I know most people think Yumachi is "too thin" but I think she's so increadibly beautiful. I hope that some of you found this motivational but please remember to keep healthy on your weightloss journies. Don't let yourself go hungry or push yourself too hard. Your happiness is the most important thing and you'll never be happy if you hurt yourselves!

I might be a little bit M.I.A. for a while as at the moment I have a bunch of stuff in my personal life I need to do. I went to The Prince's Trust on Wednesday and it went very well but I have to go about trying to find a payment plan or, as a last resort, getting a loan to secure the rest of the funds for my apprenticeship. I've been running around like a headless chicken, phoning the college, my prospective employer, The Prince's Trust and a bunch of other government schemes trying to find a lead in all of this and I've barely had time to sit down and chat with my boyfriend nevermind plan and write a blog entry. I will try to keep you all updated and post when I can though so dont disappear!

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