Wednesday, 15 December 2010

How to turn a plain old skirt into a cute princessy one.

I got through a bunch of new things when I'd got back from my boyfriend's house. One of which was a pretty plain white skirt I'd bought for a couple of quid from ebay. I decided it'd be a nice idea to simply customise it by adding a couple of black bows, one on each side of the skirt. I thought I'd post what I did for you guys in case it inspired you to do the same to one of your items.

I didn't take loads of pictures for this because I didn't think about posting it till after I started but here it is anyways.

This is the skirt I started out with. Cute, but could be cuter.


For the bows I simply cut up some old holey tights. I cut about 1.5x the size of my actual bow out of the pair of tights and folded it inwards so the two edges met in the middle and stitched that up together like this.


I then got a piece of material and wrapped it tightly around the middle (I used the toe-area of the tights for this but it doesn't really matter what you use as long as it's the same colour) and fixed in place with a few stitches.


So that, in simple terms, is our bow. Just do the same with another one. Try and make them as identical as possible so they dont look out of place on the same skirt. You then pin the bows in the place you want them on the skirt and stitch them on by the middle only. It's probably best not to stitch down the "wings" of the bow because it just looks a bit weird to me but I guess that's up to you.

And the finished thing:


Looks much better!

I know the guidelines were a bit simple, but hopefully this will help inspire you to customise some things of your own Photobucket.

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