Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Xmas Everyone!

Merry Xmas everyone!

I can hardly believe it's here and already gone. It's as if we wait for a moment most of the year and it seems to fly by completely Photobucket.

I thought I'd show you all my pressies and my outfit etc. I hope you're all having a wonderful day Photobucket!


These are the things I got from my family.
- A New Hairdrier.
- Little decorations to go on your headphones.
- A hair fascinator
- Wing Charm.
- Duck Charm.
- Nicky Clarke 13mm Curling Wand
- Toni&Guy 38mm Curling Wand. This went POP and started to smoke WHILE I was testing it out. Completely annoyed with this Photobucket! I can't believe the first time I used it it broke completely and went up in smoke! Not impressed with Toni&Guy at all.
- Tigi Catwalk Curl's Rock Shampoo.


These are the gifts my Friends and my Boyfriend's Family gave me ^_^.
- Cupcake Bath Bombs
- Jumbo Cupcake Maker.
- T-shirt Graffiti Pens
- Cupcake Chocolate Box. I'm so pleased this is the only chocolate item I got all xmas!
- Cupcake Mirror
- Hello Kitty Bubble Gum

I'm so pleased with my pressies this year except, of course, the large Curling Wand. I really can't believe the shoddy quality of that! At least it didn't set my hair alight. Just warning any of you who may have purchased one of these recently about what happened. I'm going to make sure I take this back and exchange it and let them know what I think Photobucket!


My outfit was a bit of a YAWN this year but my hair is curled with my new curling want. It looks so cute Photobucket. I can't believe how tight the curls are. I cant wait to use my new shampoo too!

And last of all


Have a photo of my doggy getting in on the present opening action.

Hope you all had a great day. Merry xmas Photobucket!

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