Saturday, 8 January 2011

Ahead of my game.

So there I was, casually browsing the January copy of Ranzuki and BAM I open up a page and staring back at me is Nicorun wearing what looks to be the Yumetenbo coat I bought as my Birthday Pressie to myself.

I dont think it's the exact coat as the toggles are a little different but I always feel pleased when I see clothes I own appear in the magazines.

I was really pleased with my hair today. I'm really glad I put my layers back in because it makes teasing so much easier, especially considering I like to go for the whole Hime Bouffant look with my hair.


I was increadibly proud of myself for getting my hair like this. It always pleases me when I have a good hair day considering my hair is so unruly on every other day of the year.

As for my outfit effort


After this picture was taken I decided to add a long necklace so please imagine this outfit with a long silver and diamante cross.

I finally get to go home tomorrow which means I get to check out my new clothes and some hair styling things that will be waiting for me upon my return. I'm so going to miss my boyfriend though. I hate the fact we live so far away from each other.
I really need to learn how to drive!

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