Thursday, 13 January 2011

For the love of Tanning.

I finally got to tan again last night. I've not been able to because of the cuts on my knees. I get a bit paranoid that I'll give myself blood poisoning if I tan over broken skin so I always have to wait for stuff to heal.
I'm so pleased with it though. I'm really loving the tanner I have at the moment. It's by Famous Dave's. I only bought it because my boyfriend's name is Dave but it turns out that pretty much every review said it was better the St Tropez and Fake Bake etc. After using it I can see why. I'm not so much orange but a brown colour and I'm really pleased with that. It's the only tanner that has really worked on my skim as well. I have such light skin that most just dont make much of a difference at all.
I totally recommend it. I use the DARK version in the spray, but there are other varieties available. A quick search on Ebay will come up with quite a few hits so go and buy if you're looking for a decent tanner.

I personally feel like I'm getting better and better at doing my hair. I started off with very little knowledge and a total hatred for my thick, frizzy hair but the more and more I've learnt to do with it, the more and more I've learnt to love my hair. I feel that Gyaru has given me so much confidence, even if the secret's community completely knocked my self-esteem and made me totally pedantic about my thighs and my skin again but as a whole, the style has really made me learn to accept myself, even just a little bit.

I feel quite confident with the outfit today, though I just noticed, after uploading there's a weird lighting on my thigh. That's not even in the original pic. Maybe the quality gets turned down then you upload to Photobucket? I dunno.

I'm going to be going to my friend's house tomorrow evening and staying the weekend so I wont be updating till I arrive at my boyfriend's. Hopefully when I get there I'll have some pics to share. I'm so excited about seeing her. She's my longest friendship and I rarely get to see her anymore.

Hope you all have a fab weekend ^_^.


  1. Thank you! My boyfriend's not too fond of the foxtail so I'm trying to wear it as much as possible now to change his mind lol.

  2. Ah you have such lovely hair and must say am loving the outfit :)

  3. cute post! love the outfit
    I wish i wasn't so lazy and had more time to tan aha