Thursday, 6 January 2011


I've been stuck at my boyfriend's house which is nice because we get to spend more time with each other but I'm quickly running out of clean clothes and outfit ideas.

So, what have I done to pass the time while my boyfriend's been out working? I gave myself a bit of a haircut.

This was yesterday's hair and make and my kinda "before" shot I guess. At least of my fringe anyways.


This is me after cutting my fringe. My boyfriend's not too keen on the look but I'm loving the blunt/slightly side-swept look. I had a real weird face going on in this pic, hence the big pink blob.


This is me after the full trim. This pics not the best but it's the best I could take with the given light and tools haha. It looks a little choppy still but I'll have to fix that with my feathering shears when I get home.

As for outfits


Yesterday's outfit. Again with the weird face haha.


Today's outfit. Hmm. I really need to get home and get more of a selection of clothes!



I'm trying simple make again. I cant tell if I really like this look or dont at all.

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