Monday, 3 January 2011

Saying goodbye to China.

My boyfriend's cousin lives in China. When I say cousin, they're more like brothers really. They are such a pair and whenever he comes over to visit I can just see where my boyfriend has picked up all his traits. I've only ever met him once and already I think really highly of him. He's a proper lad and I guess most girls would hate that but I respect his honesty about things I guess. Anyway, he's been here visiting and he goes home tomorrow. We've had so much fun.

Before new year we all went out. We parked the car in a nearby pull-in and sat watching videos on my boyfriend's laptop all getting a bit merry. We didn't think about the laptop's dire effect on the car's battery. We ended up draining it so much it wouldn't even start after a bump. We all had to walk back without torches, in the middle of nowhere, back to my boyfriend's house. On the way I managed to bail so hard. I have bruises and cuts on my knees the brightest purple I've ever seen. I can still barely walk properly. I managed to rip the only pair of tights I have with me and cover myself in mud.

Today we said goodbye to my boyfriend's cousin at a huge breakfast with the family. I couldn't be too heavy on the make-up as my boyfriend's family are country folk and Agejo isn't really something they understand.


My hair and make for the day. I decided that the minimal "popteen" look would probably be the best for that day and a pair of curled pigtails.


I also thought it might be nice to get out my new jumper I bought from my Chinese wholesalers considering I haven't worn it before.

The whole look was so minimal compared to what I usually wear but I think it went ok!

Sorry for the increadibly boring update on my personal affairs but sometimes I think it's nice to hear about other gals' lives, you know?
I hope everyone is having a great start to their new year.

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  1. I really like the leopard. Thank you to pass on my blog <3